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We are a long established online supplier of UV Water Treatment products and spares. We have a wide range of UV Sterilisation units from small UV’s for single tap applications right through to large commercial units.

We also offer complete UV filtration kits, the kits include all the parts required in order to install a complete UV system in your household, including pre filtration housings, UV, cartridge filter, filter wrench and housing bracket if required.

Leading Brands

We stock spares and parts for the worlds leading suppliers of UV filtration equipment.

Please contact us if you cannot find the part you require.


Why use Ultraviolet Light?UV Water Filter

A correctly sized and operating UV water  filter can remove 99.9% of harmful microorganisms from your incoming water supply. The distinct advantage of UV steraliasion over other methods is that UV doesn’t need the addition of any chemicals, therefore doest not effect your waters taste of odour.Periodic changing of the UV Light and Pre Filter is all the maintenance required.

How does a UV work?

Water passes from one end of the UV tube and out through the other. In between the inlet UV Water
and the outlet is a UV lamp protected by a quartz sleeve. The water passes over and winds around the lamp sterilising the water as it flows through.

The UV rays attack the DNA structure of any microorganisms, pathogens and viruses that may be present within the water. Once exposed, the damaged DNA structures make it impossible for the microorganisms, pathogens and viruses to reproduce making them harmless and safe for consumption.